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100% HUMAN HAIRPIECES features all of the hottest styles and major brands of 100% Human Hairpieces and Hair Extension Systems : : Hairdo, Revlon, Tressallure, Raquel Welch, EasiHair by John Renau, Renee of Paris, Look of Love, Wig Pro and Put-on-Pieces just to name a few! There are a many reasons why someone would opt for 100% Human Hairpieces over Synthetic Hairpieces. The most common reason is the overall look and feel of Human Hair is more natural looking than Synthetic fiber. 100% Human Hair reflects light just as your own would, so you can not tell where your hair stops and the Human Hair Pieces continue. When properly cared for, 100% Human Hair Pieces lasts much longer than Synthetic Hair Pieces and can maintain their beauty for over a year, sometimes longer. If you like to change your look often, 100% Human Hair is your best choice. offers 100% Human Hair Pieces in a variety of colors and lengths to blend with your own hair.

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Synthetic Hairpieces are more affordable than Human Hairpieces and are a great way to achieve red carpet looks without paying red carpet prices. Synthetic hair fiber is low maintenance and the style and color will not change when washed in cold water, if you are caught in the rain or if you live in a humid climate. With the exception of a few heat friendly Synthetic fibers, you will not be able to change the style of your Synthetic Hair Piece using heating tools. Synthetic Hair Pieces come in a wide range of colors with multi-dimensional tones to blend with your own hair. Synthetic hair fibers are lightweight and fine to mimic the look and movement of 100% Human Hair. If the hairpiece is properly maintained, expect to get a minimum of 1-3 months wear out of each Synthetic Hair Piece. offers the hottest styles and major brands of Synthetic Hairpieces and Hair Extension Systems for you to choose from!

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Inspired by Jessica Simpson’s Red Carpet Hairdo’s, introduces the NEW Updo™ Clip-in Chignon and the NEW Hairdo™ 100% fine Human Hair and Synthetic Hair Extension Systems from Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves. Great for weddings, prom or any other special occasion where you would like to update your hair style from casual to classic in a matter of minutes. Our NEW Hairdo™ Salon Clip-In Hairpieces are affordable, lightweight and easy to attach and is easily maintained and washable with mild shampoo. The Updo™ Chignon is made from soft, natural-looking modacrylic Synthetic Hair Fiber. The NEW Hairdo™ Hair Extension Systems come in both straight and wavy styles and are available in Synthetic and 100% fine Human Hair. These undetectable clip-in hair extensions allow you to go from long to short or from short to long without cutting your hair! Hairdo™ Clip-in Salon Hair is the most simple and easy way to beautiful hair!

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